What is vegan leather?

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What is vegan leather?

The leather industry neglects, abuses, and then slaughters more than a billion animals a year. It has long abandoned organic tanning and instead uses a host of toxic chemicals that end up in waterways and in the bodies of its workers. People often report allergic skin reactions to the chemicals left on their leather products. You might like the look of leather, but purchasing it only endorses the industry’s cruelty and destruction. With so many stylish animal free alternatives available, it is hard to support an industry that cares so little about this planet and its inhabitants.

Vegan leather is a harm-free alternative

High quality vegan leather looks and feels like real leather, but is better for us all. It is super durable and easy to clean. It is also UV, water, and scratch resistant. It is extremely versatile and designers can easily customize it to produce a wide variety of colors, textures, sheens, and patterns. This allows designers to offer a huge range of high quality, animal free leather products, while keeping their environmental impact minimal.

High Quality Vegan Leather

High quality vegan leather is often indistinguishable from actual leather. And, when cared for and stored properly will wear just like leather and last just as long. It is an excellent material for jackets, bags, shoes, and other products that are traditionally made from leather. There are also a variety of great cruelty-free suede alternatives that, like vegan leather, also tend to be extremely durable and more water resistant.

Animal-Free Leather 

Conscious consumers are increasing the demand for harm-free products. More and more brands from indie designers to luxury fashion houses are opting for animal free leather. It is no longer difficult to find fashionable alternatives to your favorite leather essentials. As consumers continue to educate themselves, the industry will only continue to grow. If you want to feel good about what you buy and what you put on your body, vegan leather is a great place to start.

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