The Ministry of Tomorrow an eco-fashion house

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What makes the Ministry of Tomorrow an eco-fashion house?

The Ministry of Tomorrow and our eco-fashion house debuted in 2017 and was introduced to the world in Elle UK’s October issue. MOT’s bags and accessories are handcrafted in our boutique factory in Nairobi, Kenya, just outside Kibera – East Africa’s largest informal settlement. Kibera’s majority female population has long suffered from severe poverty, oppression, overcrowding, and unemployment. But, MOT is using art and fashion to make change by creating jobs and offering free job training and sponsorship programs. We provide a safe clean working environment and also healthy meals for employees. We are empowering people’s futures, not just with fair wages and sustainable incomes, but also with purpose and hope. Together we are creating a brighter future for Kibera, and the world, one bag at a time.

The entire Ministry of Tomorrow production process is completely free of earth harming chemicals. Each bag and accessory is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and made from the highest quality Italian and Japanese animal free leather. Plus, 100% certified eco-material, recycled rubber sourced from Nairobi markets, and 100% Certified Organic Fair Trade Cotton from India. 

The organic cotton/canvas lining each bag is sourced from a family run Indian cotton mill. Its mission is fairness and sustainability. It assures farmers above market value prices for their cotton and eliminates input costs. Workers are not just paid fair wages, but also provided with medical benefits, pensions, assistance with children’s educational expenses, and stakes in the company. All water is reused and recycled and the facility is entirely fossil fuel free, using rice skin to create steam power for its low impact dying process. The cotton is then transported to MOT’s boutique factory in Africa to be sewn into each one-of-a-kind bag. Even the transport process is 100% carbon neutral.


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