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Charles Oluoch - Security Guard

Dreams: “I want MOT to grow and expand to the point where the many people out there wholack jobs can have the opportunity to come work with us and have their lives changed as minealready has.My joy comes when I see people’s lives have changed and they are not struggling in these hardeconomic times every day where they cannot afford to feed their families or take their children toschool. These are the main things I would love to see and dream of every day. The growth ofMOT will give these opportunities because they already have with my family. 

Personal Pride: So far I have been able to finally pay dowry for my wife who I have beenmarried to for 10 years. I had not been able to finalize on this, but through working for MOT, Iwas able to see this through 2 years ago. MOT assisted me in adding some money for me tofinally finish paying dowry to my wife’s parents.I can now proudly say that I have a home in my village in Kisumu province where a man ismeasured by the fact that he has built his own house. This has been a possibility throughworking for MOT and being able to save money and progressively build my 3-bedroom house inmy village, which will be my retirement home when it’s time to retire.This is the pride of not only my family but personally for me as the man and head of myhousehold. You have no idea what this means to me! I cannot be any more thankful and gratefulto MOT for opening the door for me to accomplish something like this that I never ever dreamedwould be possible. 

Career Path: I used to work for a company that excavates stones for building but I always knewI wanted to do something that would not only give me the opportunity to see my children go toschool, but something that would allow me to learn new skills and grow as an individual andteach my children the value of hard work.Starting the journey with MOT from the time of its inception, I started as a security guard, whichI still am, but now I have grown to be part of management in terms of seeing how the productionof the bags works and how it runs. Now I feel capable of overseeing a collection done withconfidence. I have been able to learn people management skills through the organization, and Ifeel that I have grown in more ways than I anticipated because MOT gives you the opportunityto do more than what you’re expected. 

Family: I never thought that I would actually be able to have my first two children in high schoolat the same time and be able to sustain that while my other five children are also in school. Myfirst born son, who went to a boarding school at the beginning of this year, was ecstatic that Iwas able to raise the entire amount of school fees. This was possible through the contribution ofMOT, who gave me the funds to assist in admitting my son to join secondary school in aboarding facility.”

Elizabeth Oluoch - Cleaner & Cook 

Dreams: “My dream as a mother first and foremost is that my family is stable and that I am ableto contribute to ensuring that they have the basic necessities. This is something that is alreadyhappening. Having seven children is not easy in terms of taking care of all their basic needs. Butnow that I have a secure job, I can see the dream of having all my children well-educatedwithout the panic of any of them being kicked out of school for lack of payment. As a mother,these are some of the dreams we have, and for me, I am happy to say that so far, all this ishappening.I have always dreamed of having some kind of business running that is mine. I work in anestablishment that not only affords me a salary that takes care of my family, but I can alsoindependently run my own little samosa business in the evenings after work. This might notseem like much to other people, but for me, it’s the smell of a dream that I wanted - to feedpeople as I make a living because food and cooking is a passion of mine.It is through the encouragement of MOT that since I have enough time after I perform my dutiesat the factory, I should start something on the side that would keep me busier and bring inadditional income as well - and thus my vegetarian samosa business. 

Personal Pride: I know I am a relatively good cook, but when I make food for my fellowcolleagues and they keep giving me compliments on how my food is great all the time, it makesme feel very, very good. I always look forward to making them food every day because it’ssomething that has always brought me joy.As a result of this, I have been able to start my own small business that I do after work hourswhere I make vegetarian samosas with green grams filing. I am able to do this in the eveningafter work and it generates me an extra income apart from what I get from MOT. In an hour ortwo, I run out of samosas, then it’s time to head back home to start dinner for my family. 

Career Path: I don’t know if I ever want to leave MOT, but what I know I have learnt so far byworking here is that the skills I came with (I used to sometimes do tailoring work of makingclothes for people in the village before I got the opportunity to come work at MOT), I havelearned much more.Now I can say that I can make bags and also have organizational skills. Through working here,cooking for many people, and cleaning and organizing the factory, I can now easily organizeschedules for many people and even do catering services! 

Family: My husband Charles, who is on the Security Management Team, used to live in Nairobibecause of his work. It was really tough having to stay back at home in the village with the kidsand not have him around all the time. He used to visit sporadically when he got time off or onthe occasional weekend, which was rare because his job was demanding and we weredepending on that little salary to feed the seven children we have, including me as his wife.Once he joined MOT, he told me that they were offering me an opportunity to go work for themand I jumped at the chance because that meant I would live with him and we’d get to see eachother every day. What wife wouldn’t jump at that opportunity! So because of the opportunityMOT gave me, I have been able to reunite with my husband and we live together and worktogether, which is something that I never imagined would be possible. Now our family is a two-income family, our children are all in school and doing well, and we are all together. So this is anamazing journey for me so far.My husband has finally finished paying dowry to my parents 2 years ago, which is somethingthat means a lot in our culture just like many other African cultures. I feel so proud and honoredin the right way. MOT stepped in and contributed to what my husband had already amassed,filled the gap, and enabled us to have this dream come true after 10 years of my familystruggling to see this finalized. I am now a happy and settled woman for life. Viva MOT!”

Hellen Achieng’ - Tailor 

Dreams: “I dream to be able to have my children pursue their dreams through education andknow that they can achieve this because there is a foundation through education. It’s really oneof my main dreams right now. Having this go on and seeing how MOT runs every day, I amconfident in knowing that my children will succeed as I do my level best to play my part inguiding them and giving them the opportunity and platform through school to realize this.I know with MOT that this is just the beginning and I want us to succeed as a family of MOT togo places where we can see our products being used everywhere, even by celebrities. I knowthe bags we make are of very high quality and standards because we really pay attention todetail and I want to be proud that my work is being recognized globally. That gives me joy and Iknow we are doing it right! 


Personal Pride: My children are my personal pride. To be able to provide a safe environmentfor them to live in, give them a good education, and really just give them basic human needs,makes me a proud mother and I feel I lack in nothing much at this point.Being able to go to work every day and knowing that it’s a sustainable job that has seen my lifeand the lives of my children change is amazing. I no longer feel depressed and wonder everyevening where or how I will put food on the table for my children and how to sustain them inschool. My health has greatly improved by the mere fact that I have a great place to go to workevery day where I am fed and have the weekends free to have all the time with my children. 

Career Path: I came to MOT when I could work a small machine because the organization Iwas with before did not give women the opportunity to work on the heavier machines. They feltlike those machines needed men who are physically stronger. I really wanted to know how towork that machine, so having the opportunity to do so at MOT has made me very happy. MOTallowed me to take my time when we were not in production, like at lunch hour or after workhours, to just get used to the bigger machine. Now I can proudly say that I can work and sew onthe big machines - something that I only salivated about before I came here.On the production line, I was only able to do the interior lining of the bags with the smallermachines, but now I can easily finish an entire bag because I was given the opportunity to learnhow to use the bigger machines that are the ones used to complete a full bag. I feel proud aboutthat. 

Family: As a single mother of 4 children as a result of my husband’s passing, it is my soleresponsibility to be the breadwinner of my family. Once I became a widow and joined the MOTfamily, I can honestly say that I see a difference in my household. I now have more confidencein raising my children, have peace of mind, and can sleep soundly at night knowing that my kidshave a future because I am able to educate them.I have also been able to move from a house that had holes and was leaking to a morecomfortable house that protects them from the rain when it’s flooding. Now they are warm anddo not constantly get sick. MOT is a place that I do not want to move on from because they notonly give us a work environment that is safe and drama free, but we are given ten o’clock teaand lunch for free! So already I am saving money that I would have used to buy my lunch andthat goes in my savings portion."