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Respect For Animals


  We believe in respecting the environment and working with nature instead of against it. Responsible commerce is our way of doing business. Our products are produced with respect for the earth and humankind. We closely examine the supply chain at each step of production and amp up the goodness associated with the raw materials that go into our products and for the people who make them. Therefore, social and environmental activism is woven into the fabric of our products. 
The fabrics MOT utilizes are cruelty free (no animal products) are 100% vegan using only recycled polyurethane, and has been PETA approved and is authorized to use the PETA badge in respect to our garments.
We use low impact dyes in our manufacturing process so there is no harmful effects to the environment and little impact to the planet, we are a carbon neutral brand and work with Wildlife Works - whose mission is to harness the power of the global consumer to create innovative and sustainable solutions for wildlife conservation. 
By continuing to source as many sustainable materials as possible, we hope to enrich the environment and protect it for the future.