Dreams: “I want MOT to grow and expand to the point where the many people out there who

lack jobs can have the opportunity to come work with us and have their lives changed as mine

already has.

My joy comes when I see people’s lives have changed and they are not struggling in these hard

economic times every day where they cannot afford to feed their families or take their children to

school. These are the main things I would love to see and dream of every day. The growth of

MOT will give these opportunities because they already have with my family.

Personal Pride: So far I have been able to finally pay dowry for my wife who I have been

married to for 10 years. I had not been able to finalize on this, but through working for MOT, I

was able to see this through 2 years ago. MOT assisted me in adding some money for me to

finally finish paying dowry to my wife’s parents.

I can now proudly say that I have a home in my village in Kisumu province where a man is

measured by the fact that he has built his own house. This has been a possibility through

working for MOT and being able to save money and progressively build my 3-bedroom house in

my village, which will be my retirement home when it’s time to retire.

This is the pride of not only my family but personally for me as the man and head of my

household. You have no idea what this means to me! I cannot be any more thankful and grateful

to MOT for opening the door for me to accomplish something like this that I never ever dreamed

would be possible.

Career Path: I used to work for a company that excavates stones for building but I always knew

I wanted to do something that would not only give me the opportunity to see my children go to

school, but something that would allow me to learn new skills and grow as an individual and

teach my children the value of hard work.

Starting the journey with MOT from the time of its inception, I started as a security guard, which

I still am, but now I have grown to be part of management in terms of seeing how the production

of the bags works and how it runs. Now I feel capable of overseeing a collection done with

confidence. I have been able to learn people management skills through the organization, and I

feel that I have grown in more ways than I anticipated because MOT gives you the opportunity

to do more than what you’re expected.

Family: I never thought that I would actually be able to have my first two children in high school

at the same time and be able to sustain that while my other five children are also in school. My

first born son, who went to a boarding school at the beginning of this year, was ecstatic that I

was able to raise the entire amount of school fees. This was possible through the contribution of

MOT, who gave me the funds to assist in admitting my son to join secondary school in a

boarding facility.”