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The Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT) is a luxury fashion brand that supports important environmental and social developments around the world. Founded in 2011, MOT designs bags and accessories and produces them in facilities that provide fair wage jobs in impoverished communities.

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Luxury Vegan Leather Bags - Our 100% Certified Organic Cruelty-Free

The Ministry of Tomorrow offers unisex designer vegan bags, back packs, and luxury designer accessories that are organic, zero-cruelty to animals and is considered high end luxury brand with a purpose.

 Each organic vegan bag is a handmade piece of art created in our eco-factory in Nairobi. Social, environmental & animal rights activism is woven into the fabric of our products.  


Choose Sustainability and Conscientious Choices that Benefit Humanity and our Planet.

For example, the canvas used in our bags is made from organic cotton that is sourced from Rajlakshmi Mills in Kolkata India. Rajlakshmi Mills buys the cotton directly from the Chetna Organic Farmers Association, a collective of more than 6,000 organic cotton farmers that Rajlakshmi Mills supports at every step from the field to the mill. Smallholder farmers (farmers owning small-based plots of land on which they grow subsistence crops and one or two cash crops relying almost exclusively on family labor) who grow the cotton for Rajlakshmi Mills are paid a fair price for their crop, are not exposed to harmful pesticides, and the organic farming methods do not contaminate the earth. 

The same eco-philosophy applies throughout the entire process (no chemicals used that harm the earth and respect for the employees) including the ginning (cleaning the cotton), then spinning into yarn which is then woven or knitted into fabric. Even the dyeing process for colored fabrics utilizes low impact dyes that are approved for organic production.

 Our customers can take comfort in knowing that every step of production in making our eco-luxury bags contributes to the creation of meaningful change all along the way.